June-July Holiday Programme

We are excited to announce that we are planning a fun and interactive archery training programme for school-goers, aged 9-18, during the June-July school holidays. Training sessions will be held on Thursday and Friday mornings, 10h00-11h00 and MUST be pre-booked. The holiday class fee is R160pp for the full hour, this includes the use of the facilities and equipment and there will be a succinct safety briefing at the beginning of the class. This entails the coach explaining the rules and workings of the archery range; the coach explaining and demonstrating shooting a recurve bow; and then getting everyone up and running with some coaching. Once all the children are comfortable with shooting a bow, we will introduce some challenges.

The class is open to all students from age 9 up until 18 years, and no prior experience is required. Equipment is provided and customised to suit each individual. Parents are encouraged to stick around for the duration and there will be a designated seating area with an easy vantage point to oversee the archery activities.

It promises to be a day of fun and learning, all the while honing the children's energy and focus into developing their archery skills. There is no limit to how often children may attend, in fact we encourage that you make use of these holiday classes every week.