Results: 2017 Club Champs - Archers of Zoolake IFAA Indoor

Yesterday, Sunday 26th November, we hosted the 2017 IFAA Indoor ‘Archers of Zoolake’ Club Championships at Action Archery in Kempton Park.

The event was a great success with almost 50 archers competing for titles in their respective shooting categories! Fun was had by all and we are looking forward to the next one next year!

Thank you to everyone who came out to participate and a special thank you to the parents, partners, and friends who came to give their support!

More photos can be found in the facebook album.

Full Results can be downloaded here.

Medals were awarded to the following.


Cub Female Freestyle Recurve

Gold - Maseeha Kajee

Silver - Alexandra Polly

Bronze - Tasmiya Peer




Cub Male Freestyle Recurve

Gold - Moosa Kajee

Silver - Alessio Tommasi

Bronze - Joshua Weyers



Cub Male Barebow Recurve

Gold - Samuel Johnson

Silver - Jesse Twidale





Junior Female Freestyle Recurve

Gold - Phoebe Coetzee

Silver - Theani Pretorius

Bronze - Rachel Harrison



Junior Male Freestyle Recurve

Gold - Connor Young

Silver - Lexing Xu

Bronze - Alexander Schroder




Adult Female Bowhunter Recurve

Gold - Charni Battams





Adult Male Traditional Recurve

Gold - Tony Kropf





Adult Male Bowhunter Recurve

Gold - Dean McHendry

Silver - Dirk Bruynse

Bronze - Matthew Bossenger



Adult Female Barebow Recurve

Gold - Jessica Brown

Silver - Claudia Nel

Bronze - Muazza Latib




Adult Male Barebow Recurve

Gold - Mike Basson

Silver - Robert Brown

Bronze - Alistair Maxwell



Adult Female Freestyle Recurve

Gold - Kelly Johnson

Silver - Jessica Ma

Bronze - Fiona MacAlister



Adult Male Freestyle Recurve

Gold - Grant Miller

Silver - Richard Himlok

Bronze - Siyabonga Yende





Veteran Male Bowhunter Recurve

Gold - Thomas Endrody

Silver - David Hutcheons