Sentient Archery is looking for new coaches!

With growth at Archers of Zoolake, the opening of Archers of Boskruin 6-months ago and ongoing discussions with schools and other facilities in the area, Sentient Archery is expanding (slowly but surely). This means that our coaches are becoming a bit thinly spread. We are hoping to bring some new coaches on board in the near future. However, archery coaches cannot simply be sourced. They must trained-up by existing, experienced coaches. 

We are looking for archers (or even prospective archers) of any level who are interested in becoming archery coaches.

At this stage we are asking interested candidates to show their interest by completing an online form. We will review and revert back with a way forward for the new candidates. Please just take a look at the requirements below too.


  • It is NOT a requirement to be an experienced archer to become a coach. It is, however, necessary for coaches to be active archers. It is very difficult to teach something you are not familiar with.

  • Candidates must be able to understand, communicate and impart concepts effectively in fluent English. 

  • Candidates must be confident, calm and patient. Working with archers can be frustrating and even dangerous if coaches are unable to keep their students controlled and disciplined.

  • Candidates must be able to relate to and work with, people of all ages, from as young as 7 years up to 70 years and above.

  • Candidates must fully intend on becoming consistent & active coaches, either full-time, part-time, or on a supplementary level.

  • Candidates will need to become members of the club and the National Federation (if they are not already).

  • The legal age limit or coaches/instructors is 18 years. We will be happy to take on candidates from 17 years and up.

  • Candidates will need to attend short coaching courses that may incur a small cost, most likely to be hosted by Dean McHendry (Our head coach, World Archery Level 2 Coach and IFAA Level 3 Instructor) in alignment with the National Federation requirements. All Coaches/instructors in South Africa must be certified & recognized by the sport’s respective National Federation. 

  • In addition to attending coaching courses, candidates must be willing and able to spend a reasonable amount of time shadowing and assisting our existing coaches while learning the Sentient Archery methods. (The more time spent on the field shadowing the faster the development into a qualified coach will be.)

  • Acceptance of candidates will be decided on an individual basis by the existing coaching team at Sentient Archery. We are a tightly-knit team and having personalities that are compatible is essential.