Results: IFAA World Indoor Archery Championships (WIAC) – 10-12 April 2019

The IFAA World Indoor Archery Championships (WIAC) was held in Wellington, New Zealand on 10-12 April 2019. We had two club members representing Archers of Zoolake and South Africa at the competition.

Moosa Kajee (11) and Maseeha Kajee (12) achieved South African National Colours in the previous year’s cycle. By competing in World’s for South Africa, the two were awarded Protea Colours – the highest honour you can achieve as a South African athlete. The two youngsters competed in the three-day event successfully and won Gold in their respective categories.

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It was their first time shooting outside of the country and visiting New Zealand. Moosa and Maseeha recall the venue as very different to any they have competed in within South Africa, as the Wellington venue was much bigger and grander – and music played in the background while they shot. They had the pleasure of meeting competitors from all over the world and found them to be very friendly. The two talented youngsters go on to explain that the awards ceremony was like a little show, with a dance routine performance by the locals.

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They came back as World Champions – the first two World Champs for the Archers of Zoolake Club. We’re immensely proud of Moosa and Maseeha and congratulate them on their incredible achievement – their disciplined training and determination shows!

Maseeha says, “The best part about the competition was winning, of course, and the scariest part of the competition was ‘calling arrows’, [i.e. the positioning of arrows for score] as you cannot quite see if your arrow was cutting the line or not at 10 yards. The key to performing well in the competition, for me, was concentration”.

The final IFAA World Indoor Archery Championships results can be viewed on the IFAA website by clicking the button below:

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Images courtesy of Mocking Ishaaq Kajee