Results: South African National IFAA Indoor Championships 26-28 April 2019

The South African National IFAA Indoor Championships were held at Ultimate Aim archery range on 26-28 April 2019. A group of the Archers of Zoolake club members took part and some managed to achieve South African National Colours and Provincial Colours.

Thank you to all of those that participated and congratulations to those archers that were successful in getting medals and Colours.

A bit about how Provincial’s and National’s work:

 In a year’s cycle, from one National’s event to the next National’s event, you have to get four National Colours scores or three Provincial Colours scores in that year cycle in order to achieve Colours – and then you have to compete in the National or Provincial Championships.


Archers of Zoolake had six archers achieving Provincial Colours and nine archers achieving National Colours. Here’s who achieved,

National Colours certificates awarded to:

  • Alistair  Gordon

  • Alessio Tommasi

  • Moosa Kajee

  • Maseeha Kajee

  • Thomas Endrody

  • Alexandra Polly


Provincial Colours certificates awarded to :

  • Charni Battams

  • Dirk Brynse

  • Maseeha Kajee

  • Matthew Bosenger

  • Moosa Kajee

  • Dean McHendry

  • Alessio Tommasi

  • Femi Oyeka

  • Alistair Gordon

Herewith a list of Archers of Zoolake members and their placement in the 2-day competition.


NOTE: SANAA have yet to publish combined scores. Visit the SANAA website for day scores by clicking on the button below: