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(Intermediate Training Programme - Recurve & Traditional)

Sentient Archery Blog:

Sentient Archery Blog

This blog has some very helpful posts, resources, write-ups and results.

SANAA Website:


Archery in South Africa is currently overseen by The South African National Archery Association (SANAA). SANAA is affiliated to SASCOC, World Archery & The IFAA. Provinces and other affiliate organisations are required to affiliate to the national body. SANAA also offers personal membership to archers that are already members of an affiliated club is a requirement to be a member of SANAA. Membership is of value if you are wanting to get involved in events outside of your club or contribute to the overall growth of the sport in SA. There is a lot of information on this website, and unfortunately a large amount of it is inaccurate or old. Most importantly, you need to get membership to this federation to progress into the sport. Click here for a direct link to the membership application page. You will need the “full member” option.

Tuning Manuals:

There are a large range of manuals and bow tuning methods out there. Our advise is to stick to one that is proven and not mix and match too much. Tuning is important but a reasonably well set up bow will outshoot most archers.

Easton Archery has a very in-depth tuning manual that can be downloaded for free from their website. This manual is an industry standard with some very valuable information and techniques.

Easton Archery Tuning Manual - Download

Sentient Archery Youtube Channel:

There are plans to grow our database of useful archery related videos on our youtube channel, reviews, tutorials, best practices, training tips & more. Please subscribe for updates.

Sentient Archery Youtube Channel

IFAA Website:

One of the main reasons that we have designed our training system around the International Field Archery Association is due to their clean and well thought-out infrastructure. Their website has a lot of very important resources for archers, coaches and competition organisers.

The most immediately important documents & resources are listed here:

Bow Styles

There are actually 12 different official shooting styles permitted in the IFAA. For quick reference check the poster and/or tabel below. For more in-depth understanding and rules. Download the pdf.

Shooting Styles - Table

Shooting Styles - Poster

Shooting Styles of the IFAA - PDF

Coaching Manuals

While these are designed with instructors in mind, they do offer some valuable insights to archers wanting to learn more about the sport. The manuals can be found and downloaded from here:

Field Archery Manuals

The ultimate objective for the intermediate training programme is to prepare and introduce archers to Field & 3D Archery. These disciplines are by far the most challenging and fun form of the sport. While it is not necessary (many of us just pitched up and figured it out as we went along), it is useful and calming to know what you will be getting into and what the rules and procedures are.

Archers Handbook - PDF

This Manual was designed to give you the important info in a relatively concise form, Archers will often refer to this for rule & procedure clarifications during field & 3D shoots.

IFAA Field Archery Manual - PDF

For more in depth look into field & 3D archery.

IFAA Book of Rules

IFAA Book of Rules - PDF

If you are inclined to reading all the nitty gritty stuff. This is the full Book of Rules for the IFAA. Most people do not need to know anywhere near the amount of info that is in the document, but it is nice to know it exists and where to go for answering important questions later on.

More Coming: We will keep adding stuff here as we go! Check back every now and then.