Performance Objectives/Requirements

(Intermediate Training Programme - Recurve & Traditional)

The Performance Objectives in the Intermediate Training Programme are directly in line with the IFAA Indoor Rounds. These rounds are at much shorter distances than Field & 3D and will be your first and consistent competition formats.

The first objective is to achieve the minimum score requirement (for your chosen competition category) to join the club team. These scores are set to make sure you are capable and ready to shoot a competition. If you achieve these scores, even if you don’t believe it yet, you are ready! These scores are only required to be shot once and then used as a baseline for competition readiness.

Requirements for Graduation:

  • Achieve Club Team Score Requirements for Standard Indoor and Flint - links below

  • 3 x Indoor Competitions (1 x club championships can be included)

  • 1 x Flint Competition (Club Championships can be included)

  • Club Ranking (Participation)