Equipment Requirements & Recommendations

(Intermediate Training Programme - Recurve & Traditional)

An extensive list of the supplementary equipment you will need to own (or have easy/direct access to) in order to effectively progress through the Intermediate Training Programme and get you ready for the start of your competitive archery career.


Theraband Elastics

We use theraband elastics to warm-up effectively before shooting. They are also used extensively for isolation exercises and conditioning.

Theraband Elastic

Theraband can be bought from most pharmacies, clinics & sports shops. 1.5m or 2m long strips are ideal with light to medium tension. We also sell theraband in our shop.

Shot Trainer

A shot trainer, otherwise known as a “form-master” is an archer specific training device that is highly effective at promoting continual motion, strong expansion and effective follow-through.

Astra Shot Trainer

Shot trainers can be bought online or ordered through us. The Astra shot trainer is a good option.

There are also DIY options for making your own shot trainer. Tutorial coming soon.


Cartel Bowsquare

A bowsquare is essential for taking and keeping critical measurements on your bow. Bowsquares can be bought directly from most bow shops or on our online shop.

Super Glue

Super glue can be purchased from any hardware store. Just make sure it is cyanoacrylate based and must be in liquid form, not a gel.

Tip: Once opened, be very careful of spilling in your bag/quiver/box. Keep it in a zip lock bag and/or a plastic bottle.

Allen Key Set (Metric & Imperial)

Allen Key set from Gorilla Grip - Metric & Imperial

These can be ordered through us or found at most hardware stores. Your archery equipment will usually come with some allen keys, but very often not all the sizes you will need and/or poor quality. There is also no consistency when it comes to archery equipment, some archery brands will require metric and other imperial. Just make sure you have both.

Glue Sticks (Hot-Melt)

We use glue sticks for arrow assembly and maintenance. You can buy branded arrow specific glue, but any hot-melt glue stick will do the trick. Also easily sourced from a hardware store.

Pens - Black (x2)

It is essential to keep a few pens in your quiver at all times. For scoring, recording aiming or sight marks and general notes. A good quality fine-liner is a great option.

Booklet/Notepad (Quiver)

Croxley Hardcover A6 Booklet

Keeping a booklet or notepad in your quiver is a good idea. Great for recording sight marks, scoring (practice) and other notes.

Arrow Spares

Keep plenty of Nocks and Fletches and also a few spare points. Arrows are your biggest maintenance items. Don’t wait until you don’t have any spares left to order more.

Club Uniform

Archers of Zoolake Club Shirts

It is often a requirement to wear your club uniform when attending external events. Don’t wait until the week before a competition to try get your uniform. Make sure you order/buy your kit long before you will need it.


Clipboard (A5)

A5 Clipboard

A5 Clipboard

Event organisers usually don’t supply clipboards so it is always a good idea to have your own. If it is small enough you can even take it out on a field/3D course, A5 (or maybe even A6) is ideal.

Tennis Racket Grip Tape

Wilson - Comfort Ultra Wrap

Very useful for wrapping your bow handle to avoid slipping. Most tennis grip tape will work but thinner is easier to work with.

Tightly wrapped Handle

These one’s from Wilson are a firm favourite, thin and supple. They can be sourced from most sports shops.

Multi-Tool with Pliers

Leatherman Wingman

Very useful to have in your quiver. Make sure it has a sharp knife, screw drivers, pliers & scissors. Be careful of weight, your quiver can get heavy quickly. A Leatherman Wingman is the one I keep in my quiver. It is a great balance between weight, size, price, tools and functionality.

Fletching Jig

Most clubs and shops can either allow you access to a fletching jig or actually fletch your arrows for you.

It is super convenient to have your own jig. You can set your own jig up for your specific requirements and avoid the inevitable “super glue covered club jig”. It will save you time and money in the long run.

There are lots of options here, jigs made by Cartel are most likely going to be the best value for money. We can get any one of these for you on special order:

Gas (Butane) Torch

A small portable butane gas torch is also an item that you could probably get by without, but having your own is very handy when it comes to arrow maintenance. Heating up points to insert them into an arrow shaft requires more than the best lighter can manage. Most hardware stores will have a couple to choose from. No need to spend a fortune but make sure it’s sturdy.


As you start to shoot from further distances, it will become harder to spot your arrows, especially if you are sharing a target with other archers. A small pair of good quality binoculars with a belt pouch or shoulder-strap will become essential at some point, depending on your eye sight and progression.

Pentax UP 8x25

Pentax makes a very nice, cost effective pair. These are great value for money and small enough to keep on your shoulder all day.

Arrow Puller

Cartel Arrow Puller

Cartel Arrow Puller

This is a great addition to your kit to avoid the inevitable carbon burn when pulling arrows! We sell these on our online shop.



They break and get lost at an alarming rate. Make sure you have a second (even a third). If your preferred armguard is expensive, consider a cheap spare at least.

Black Sheep Armguard

We sell these very popular armguards from Black Sheep. Super comfortable and very cost effective.

Finger Sling

Spare Finger Slings

Simply the most likely item to leave behind, break or lose, also the cheapest, so make sure you have two, at least!


Yes, even the best quality bow strings can break! Whether it be your serving coming lose or a more spectacular explosion as your end loop lets go, being able to simply get back to your bowbag/case and grab a duplicate string is a lifesaver. If you are happy with your current string, bring it in for us to make a duplicate.

Finger Protection

Spare Finger Tab

Finger Tabs are probably the second most likely to be lost or left behind, they also like to come apart at the most inconvenient times. Having a well used spare is essential for any archer that competes. You don’t want to be breaking in a new tab half-way through a (would have been) personal best round.

A cheap hack is to use Elastoplast tape in emergencies. Two tight(ish) wraps around each finger will allow you to keep going until you can replace or repair your tab. See below images:

Elastoplast Roll

A double wrap.

Arrow Rests &/or Spares

Arrow rests are notorious for damage and breakage. The cheap but effective solution is to keep a few Hoyt Super rests in your quiver or bag. Quick to install and they work like a charm. Otherwise make sure you have spare tape and support arms for stick-on arrow rests such as the Shibuya Ultima or a spare mounting & locking screws for a wrap around rest.

Pressure Button (Recommended)

Pressure Button & Spares

It is unlikely that you will have issues here if you keep all the grub screws tight, but if you do it’s game over until you can repair or replace. Even a cheaper button can be quickly set up as a suitable spare and keep you shooting, it is hard to get two buttons to match perfectly but you can adjust on the go if needed. If not a whole spare button, at the very least, it is a good idea to keep a few spare grub screws in a ziplock in your quiver.

The button we always recommend is the Shibuya DX Pressure button. Simple yet robust design and cost effective. We sell these and sometimes have some well priced second hand buttons up for grabs.