Archers of Zoolake – 2019 Club Membership

General Info:

  • ‘Archers of Zoolake’ is a community based archery club. Sentient Archery is a private company that has been contracted to manage the club. 

  • Membership Duration (1 Year): 1st February – 31st January.

  • Archers of Zoolake is affiliated to the Gauteng Target Archery Association which, in turn, is affiliated to the South African National Archery Association (SANAA). SANAA is affiliated to SASCOC, IFAA & World Archery.  (It is a requirement to be a member of an affiliated club in order to become a member of the national association.)

Membership Types:

Sign-up Fee:

  1. A sign-up fee of R250.00 will be charged per membership type on initial registration.

  2. Annual membership renewal will not include this additional charge.

  3. New Memberships and Memberships that have been cancelled or lapse due to late payment will require re-application and payment of the sign-up fee with the respective membership fee.

Requirements for Membership:

  1. Performance Qualification: Applicants must meet the minimum performance requirements to be eligible for membership. The performance requirements are based on scores.

  2. Safety: Archers must show an understanding and respect for the safety procedures and policies on an archery range to be eligible for membership. This is at the discretion of the head coach &\or Executive Committee members.

  3. Application Form: New members are required to complete and submit a membership application form. The membership form can be found below.

  4. Agreement: Applicants must be familiar with the club’s constitutionrules & regulations and the information on this page. Applicants must further agree to abide by the terms outlined in the above-mentioned documents at all times.

  5. Payment: Applicants must pay the respective sign-up & membership fees before membership will be granted.

Inclusions & Exclusions:

Membership INCLUDES:

  • Unlimited access to the grounds for the purpose of training & practising target archery. Gate & club-house keys will need to be purchased annually (if required).

  • Access to and use of the club-house which houses a kitchen, a toilet, and some other basic commodities & facilities.

  • Use of the movable target buttresses which are located on the field at all times.

  • World Archery & IFAA Targets are stored in the club house and are there for use by members, within moderation.

  • 15% discount on all classes and training through Sentient Archery.

Membership EXCLUDES:

  • Coaching & Training.

    • The club’s coaching and training is outsourced to Sentient Archery. Sentient Archery has full exclusivity of the training and coaching on the premises.

  • Running of any coaching or training whatsoever, paid or unpaid, without prior consent from the Club and Sentient Archery.

  • Access to the club’s training-equipment.

    • This equipment is stored in a separate locked room and is only accessible by club committee members and training staff. This equipment can only be used in a scheduled training session in accordance with Sentient Archery.

  • Personal Membership to any external archery organisations or affiliations.

    • The club is affiliated to the Gauteng Target Archery Association and therefore the South African National Archery Association and pays the annual club affiliation fees, however, personal membership to the National federation is the responsibility of each club member.

  • Fees for Club Championships, Qualifying Rounds or any other internal or external event are not included in the membership fees.

Payment & Accounts:

  • Membership fees will be invoiced for annually or after an application is accepted.

  • Members that join during the membership year will be invoiced pro-rata for the remaining months of the year.

  • All membership accounts are managed by Sentient Archery.

  • Invoices will be sent via Sentient Archery's online accounting system. The invoice can be sent as a PDF document on request if online viewing is a problem.

Keys & Locks:

  • Locks will be changed annually on 1st February.

  • Range keys can be purchased at an additional R100.00 per set.

  • Keys are available for collection at the club. Please arrange a suitable time to collect.

Relevant Documents:

Membership Application Form
Club Constitution
Club Range Rules & Regulations