Monthly Qualifying

On the last Saturday of every month, we host a qualifying session for all members of the club. The purpose of this session is to simulate competition conditions and shoot full scored rounds. The focus will be on the IFAA Indoor and Flint Rounds but other competitive rounds will be catered for as and when needed. Scoresheets, Targets & Clipboards will be supplied. 

All club members are welcome and encouraged to participate (no additional charge) !! 

The scores shot in these sessions can be used for:


IFAA Indoor Round

  • Double Scoring is mandatory.
  • Strict start times will be enforced.
  • Official Practice will follow standard competition format:
    • 2 x official practice ends - Archers may shoot as many arrows as they like in the permitted time.
    • 1 x 'sighter' end. - Only 5 arrows may be shot.
  • Archers will be expected to swap target positions for the second round. From left to right (or vice versa), and top to bottom (or vice versa).
  • Schedule:
    • 09:00 - Official Practice (Consists of 3 Practice ends)
    • 09:15 - Scored Arrows
    • 10:00 - Short Break (half-way)
    • 10:15 - Resume shooting
    • 11:00 - All Scoresheets must be completed, signed and submitted. 

Note: We can currently accommodate 30 archers on the shooting line at one time. If we start having issues with space on the line we will look into the option of running two sessions.