Beginner Training Programme


The beginner training programme has been designed to lead into the International Field Archery Association (IFAA) system. The IFAA is one of the larger international archery federations. It is generally focused more on recreational archery and caters for a large variety of bow styles in multiple competition formats. For more info on the IFAA check out their website.

We focus on the recurve bow disciplines during the beginner programme. Recurve techniques lay a solid foundation for any of the other bow styles.

This training programme and syllabus will be applied to all beginner classes and private sessions. 

Monthly Modules:

The beginner training consists of six modules. Every month will be a new module. Modules can be repeated if necessary to ensure the concept is fully grasped and applied effectively. Modules are as follows:

  1. Positional Form & Technique

  2. Traditional & Bowhunter Techniques (Gap Shooting, String Alignment & Instinctive Shooting)

  3. Stabilisation & Finger Slings

  4. Bare-bow Technique (String Walking, String Alignment)

  5. Freestyle Technique (Sights)

  6. Archery Gear (Selecting the right gear for you and your shooting style)

Other Theory:

  • Range Protocol & Safety Procedures

  • IFAA Shooting Categories

  • IFAA Formats (Field, 3D, Indoor) - Intermediate

Monthly Format:

Week 1:

  • Introduction of new concepts & techniques for the module.

Week 2:

  • Challenge/Task - Apply the new concepts and techniques.

Week 3:

  • Learn how to score.

  • Practice new concepts & techniques at your current qualifying distance.

Week 4: (if 5 sessions in a month)

  • Extra challenge or extra practice.

Final Week:

  • Official Qualifying session. Scoring rounds.

(Note: Missed classes may need to be caught up in private sessions or modules may need to be repeated.)

Class Format:

  • Set up

  • Warm up

  • Class task (as above)

  • Supplementary exercises

  • Pack up


Phase 1:

  • Qualifying will be on the IFAA official targets.

  • Beginners will start on the 65cm Field target face.

  • Ends will consist of 5 (five) shots.

  • Scoring will be X, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 as illustrated on the target face below.

  • Line-Cutters: An arrow must break completely through the line in order to gain the higher score.

  • Max score per end = 25 pts.

  • The respective distances and score requirements are outlined in the table below.

  • The first three distances of the programme can be achieved with any shooting style. Archers will be expected to qualify using the techniques taught in that month's module.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 12.29.21.png

Phase 2:

  • Once the above three levels are reached the target size will be reduced to a 50cm Field target face and the quantity of arrows and score requirement will be increased. Archers will now need to choose the shooting style/s they wish to pursue and qualify accordingly.

  • Our training bows can be set up in either of the 3 main recurve shooting styles; Bowhunter Recurve, Barebow Recurve & Freestyle Recurve.

  • The respective distances and score requirements are outlined in the table below.

  • The score only needs to be achieved in one of the shooting styles.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 09.23.28.png
  • Archers will then move into the intermediate programme and onto the official IFAA Indoor Round, which is shot on a 40cm target face with 60 scored arrows. We, unfortunately, cannot cater for this round in the beginner classes.


Archers will only graduate from the beginner programme when:

  1. The concepts and techniques of ALL six modules are understood and can be applied effectively.

  2. The archer can score effectively and accurately. 

  3. Safety procedures & protocol is understood and applied correctly.

  4. Performance requirements are achieved. 

  5. Basic terminology and other theory is understood.